Study Combination


Aids focus, memory and general mental capacity. Increased knowing.



Aids focus, memory and general mental capacity. Increased knowing.

Crystals Included:
1) Azurite – Focus stone. Aligns the mind to universal mind, allowing one the resource of all knowing. Removes fear.
2) Clear Calcite – Powerfully aids memory. Makes many paths one, allowing simplicity at the mind. Removes mental Fears.
3) Emerald – Stimulates the mind. Encourages memory, allowing discernment and intelligence which leads to right action. Eliminates pessimistic attitudes replacing them with positive action.
4) Fluorite – Increases the IQ. Organizes thought and is able to link new information to that which is already known, leading to a clear picture. Removes disorganized thought. Allows a centered space to facilitate learning. Protects from computer and electromagnetic stress.
5) Garnet – Stone of creativity, courage and manifestation. Enforces commitment to purpose and self. Turns crisis into challenge. Grounding and centering.
6) Petrified wood – Stabilizing, grounding. Eliminates worries and decreases mental and emotional stress. Allows one to discern between the important and non-important aspects of life.
7) Pyrite – Strengthens the mental capacity. Aids in developing logic, focus, practicality and memory. Clears undisciplined thought. Increases vitality.

All remedies are made specifically for you, with love, and come with full instructions. If you are comfortable sharing what symptoms you are trying to address, please let me know, and I will personalise this combination remedy further for you.
All remedy information has been obtained from The Liquid Crystals modality website.