Create Wellness provides treatments and coaching through a variety of services, tools and techniques. We are dedicated to improving the wellness of ourselves, our families and our clients, in really simple yet effective ways. We’ll help you find balance, peace, happiness and abundance in ways that suit your beliefs, body, budget and lifestyle.

  • Reiki energy healing & chakra balancing – Reiki (ray-kee) is the universal essential energy that supports all life. Reiki sessions offer gentle, non-invasive yet powerful methods of healing
  • ArōmaTouch Technique – therapeutic application of essential oils along the back & feet to improve well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function (it’s like a really gentle massage!)
  • Coaching – my coaching philosophy is to empower you to find your self worth, so that you can live holistically and joyfully on your own terms. We can incorporate any of the above to support your journey to living in awareness with love and laughter. Please note, I am not taking on any new coaching clients at this time.

  • Liquid Crystals – life purpose readings and remedies based on the original 77 Liquid Crystals (TLC), which are geometric vibrational remedies made from the earth’s metals, minerals and crystals. They are change facilitators for healing spiritual, emotional, mental and thus physical imbalance

Sandra Vaughan

Advanced Liquid Crystals practitioner, Starchild Directives Level 2 practitioner, ArōmaTouch Technique practitioner, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and mentor, Spiritual Coach.

Sandra has a very creative zeal as an accomplished craft enthusiast, as well as being a wellness coach, and an Advanced Liquid Crystal and Starchild Directives Practitioner. Sandra is a full-time working mama to 3 children, and thrives in the creative and wellness arenas. She maintains her quest to heal the body and soul, to support her spiritual growth. She practices yoga and meditation, and exercises the mind by studying how the body has so many opportunities to heal itself by ways of natural elements and techniques.

“Working for a Brisbane based software company for 19 years has given me plenty of opportunity to explore logical thoughts and patterns. Over the past 9 years however, I’ve sought MORE. More knowledge. More creativity. More awareness. More joy. More ways to nourish all aspects of ME. It’s been one heck of a journey, but I have learned so much about myself, my self-worth, my gifts, and what I want more of in my life.

In 2013 I came across the Liquid Crystals modality, and immediately fell in love with the depth of personal growth it challenged and rewarded me with. The pieces of the puzzle started coming together, and life unfolded in ways I never expected. Being that each of the 77 liquid crystals is associated with an essential oil, I began to explore that aspect and quickly found a deep respect for the responsiveness of the human body to these gifts of the earth. Whilst the crystals and oils work hand-in-hand, the scientific and medical research behind the oils is much more readily available to clients, and hence their trust grows rapidly, as did mine. Whichever they choose, both modalities encourage wellness and restore health and happiness to those I have the pleasure of working with.”