Create Wellness is a team of wellness practitioners, coaches and teachers who are dedicated to improving the wellness of themselves, their families and their patients/teams, in really simple ways. We are an eclectic group of passionate souls, from all walks of life, with the common goal of finding balance, peace, happiness and abundance. We are not hard-core health and fitness fanatics; we’re not vegan, or paleo, or buff, or even tanned – you will find no judgement here! We are just all about setting ourselves and our kids up with good habits, creating a healthy mindset and lifestyle at an achievable, affordable pace. So it is now our mutual goal to share our experiences on how we’re introducing some basic wellness products and techniques into even the busiest of lives… seriously, if we can do it, anyone can!

Sandra Vaughan

Brisbane – doTERRA Wellness Advocate and mentor, Advanced Liquid Crystals practitioner, Starchild Directives Level 2 practitioner, AromaTouch Technique practitioner, Spiritual Coach.

Sandra has a very creative zeal, as an accomplished memory keeping and papercrafting enthusiast, as well as being a wellness coach, and an Advanced Liquid Crystal and Starchild Directives Practitioner. Sandra has 3 children, works at a well-respected Brisbane software company, as well as in the creative and wellness arenas. She maintains her quest to heal the body and soul, to support her spiritual growth. She regularly practices yoga, pilates and meditation, and exercises the mind by studying how the body has so many opportunities to heal itself by ways of natural elements and techniques. When she came across essential oils, she knew she had found the perfect blend of nature and science – something that sparked all aspects!

“Working as a senior analyst programmer for a Brisbane based software company for the past 15 years has given me plenty of opportunity to explore logical thoughts and patterns. Over the past 5 years however, I’ve sought MORE. More knowledge. More creativity. More awareness. More ways to nourish all aspects of ME. It’s been one heck of a journey, but I have learned so much about myself, my gifts, and what I want more of in my life.

In 2013 I came across the Liquid Crystals modality, and immediately fell in love. The pieces of the puzzle started coming together, and life unfolded in ways I never expected. Being that each of the 77 liquid crystals is associated with an essential oil, I began to explore that aspect and quickly found a deep respect for the responsiveness of the human body to these gifts of the earth. Whilst the crystals and oils work hand-in-hand, the scientific and medical research behind the oils is much more readily available to clients, and hence their trust grows rapidly, as did mine. Whichever they choose, both modalities create wellness and restore health and happiness to those I have the pleasure of working with.”