And we are off!

Well hello there, and welcome to a new joint venture into wellness.

We are Jon and Sandra, a husband and wife team who are committed to improving the health, wellness and happiness of ourselves and our family.Β  We both work full-time, and we both have side ventures, along with 3 kids – so we know only too well just how busy and overwhelming life can feel.Β  Despite this, we have noticed a downward spiral that has been trending amongst people we know, and we’ve chosen to make some minor tweaks in our lives that we believe can help us live a positive and healthy life.

As we mentioned, we’re BUSY. We often don’t have a lot of time, so we’ve been taking it slow and steady. We aim to change just one thing each week that will steer us on the road to better wellness. It might be something big, it might be something small. It might be tough, or it could be easy. But we are committed, and we hope you can be too.

Let the journey begin…

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