Welcome to Create Wellness, thanks for picking up our business card or flyer! I am passionate about creating wellness for busy people, by applying the simple principle of taking baby steps so that it’s not overwhelming. It’s my goal to educate and empower people to reclaim control over their health and wellness – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s all about serving and taking care of YOU first. Without being in a happy, healthy place yourself, you can’t show up and shine your brightest light for those around you (and the world needs that from you!!)

  • Reiki – (ray-kee) is the universal essential energy that supports all life. A reiki session offers a gentle, non-invasive yet powerful method of healing.
  • AromaTouch – A clinical approach to essential oil usage. I gently apply a set essential oils in a specific manner, which has been developed by Dr David K Hill, to achieve a state of balance (homeostasis) within the body.
  • Liquid Crystals – Holistic, geometric, vibrational remedies that facilitate change at the root of any physical ailment, which may be at the mental, emotional or spiritual level.
  • Starchild Directives – The next level of Liquid Crystals, specifically aimed at the starchildren, as they teach us to shift from our mental-based world to the new emotional-based world.
  • Life Coaching – my coaching philosophy is to empower you to find your self worth, so that you can live holistically and joyfully on your own terms. We can incorporate any of the above to support your journey to living in awareness with love and laughter. Please note I am not taking on any new coaching clients at this time