Home Essentials – Kit or Split?

The big conflict I see new enrollees often having is whether to sign up with the Home Essentials enrolment kit (15ml bottles), the Essentials Collection kit (5ml bottles) or with a custom enrolment that allows them to get the same oils as the Home Essentials kit, but over a 3 month period where they can earn free oils as they go. Personally, I couldn’t wait to get started, but I wasn’t sure where/how, so I started with the Home Essentials Kit. I often wonder, if I had my time over, would I do the same thing again. And to be honest, I don’t know! I do know that it was a larger up-front cost than my partner was prepared for, and perhaps I should have split it up over a few months of 125PV+ so that I could still get the same products, but with free product along the way. I have outlined each option below, so that you can compare and decide for yourself.

Home Essentials Kit Custom Kit Month 1 Custom Kit Month 2 LRP Custom Kit Month 3 LRP Essentials Collection (inc Smart & Sassy)
Lavender 15ml 15ml $28 (25.5PV) 5ml
Lemon 15ml 15ml $13.50 (12.5PV) 5ml
Peppermint 15ml 15ml $25.50 (23PV) 5ml
Tea Tree 15ml 15ml $24.50 (22.5PV) 5ml
Frankincense 15ml 15ml $85.50 (77.5PV) 5ml
Oregano 15ml 15ml $31.75 (29PV) 5ml
EasyAir (Respiratory blend) 15ml 15ml $27 (24.5PV) 5ml
On Guard (Protective blend) 15ml 15ml $40.75 (37PV) 5ml
DigestZen (Digestive blend) 15ml 15ml $36.90 (33.75PV) 5ml
Ice Blue (Athletic blend) 5ml 5ml $42.50 (38.5PV) 5ml
Smart & Sassy (Metabolic blend) 15ml
FREE Product of the Month^ (differs each month) Yes, if ordered before 15th Yes, if ordered before 15th with 16.5 more PV
Petal Diffuser FREE $50
Enrolment (pack & wholesale account) FREE $35 FREE
Wholesale Cost $330 $181.50 $144.25 $120.15+ $174
PV (Points Volume) 235 103.5 131 108.5+ 113
Total Cost Retail $553.47
(40% saving)
Retail $553.47
$445.90 over 3 months, including free product^
(20% saving)

^ Note, 125PV+ is the monthly LRP order that can be made to be eligible for thee free Product of the Month. Some months require 200PV+ and that is wholly at doTERRA’s discretion (we never know ahead of time).
* Note that shipping costs have not been included in any calculations.
* No matter your decision, we also recommend purchasing Fractionated Coconut Oil, to dilute for skin sensitivity, with the added bonus of stretching your investment further.

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