Initia (Jon’s story)

A few months ago I started getting a bit self conscious about my love handles. What’s a middle aged bloke to do?  I am rather tall (193cm) and for a majority of my life have been an average build/weight, never having to work that hard at staying below a weight so that my GP wouldn’t lecture me when I saw him.

In the past, sports were the key to my success, however a few years ago, an automobile accident damaged my L5/S1 disc – a life changing experience, in more ways than one. After months of doing nothing – in bed and off work – I began a slow and difficult recovery that took years to make progress with. One of the obvious effects was putting on an extra 15kg. It was the largest I have ever been, or honestly, ever imagined I would be. What do you do? You are a prisoner to your own situation. I was taking very strong pain killers, the kind that can erase part of your life after time, heavy and strong (legal!) opiates to relieve the pain. Anti-depressants to help counter the effects of the opiates. The cycle sets in for quite some time. One drug to help alleviate the symptoms of another, finally, drugs to help you get off the drugs, and in the end, fairly mild drugs and then milder and one day, the cycle ended. All up that process took about two and a half years.

That process was the catalyst of my wellness awakening. I learned a lot about a range of things during that time, a few of which I want to share with you.

Finding ways to facilitate health and wellness is sometimes as easy as opening up your mind and allowing new experiences into your life. Some might argue that it’s all in your head, but I can confirm this for you right now: Prior to my life changing accident, I was a purist to man-made drugs and scientifically based medicine. I would have rolled my eyes at the suggestion of consulting a Chinese-medicine practitioner or laugh at the suggestion of a chiropractor. But today I can tell you that I have, and would again, see either of the aforementioned. I still love my science-based world, and instead of being myopically transfixed, I can put hand on heart and tell you that there is room for both in anyone’s life.

When Sandra and I started investigating the benefits of essential oils, I again found something that has the benefit of science, with the attraction of a non-traditional avenue to wellness and health. It makes sense; the journey begins.

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