October 2016 doTERRA Promotions

dōTERRA are welcoming new wholesale members with open arms this month, by giving 50pv FREE to any new enrollees with an order 100pv or more. In addition, they’ll give you a bonus 50pv if you enrol anyone with 125pv or more, and have your own 100pv+ order in October. In this regard, you can be earning hundreds of free points for you to use on any dōTERRA products you like, from November onward! Think of all those wonderful (free!) Christmas gifts you’ll get to give (or keep!).

October 10% off Product – Motivate (Encouraging blend)

Motivate is one of my go-to oil blends for when I’m finding myself in a funk and need some get-up-and-go, either physically, mentally or emotionally*. It’s been my saviour many times of late, either diffused or with a few drops on my wrist or lava bracelet so that I can smell it throughout my day wherever I may be. Motivate is a clean, minty, uplifting blend of Peppermint plant, Clementine peel, Coriander seed, Basil herb, Yuzu peel, Melissa leaf, Rosemary leaf, and Vanilla bean.

October Product of the Month – 15ml Lemon

Place a minimum 125PV LRP order before 15th October 2016, and get a FREE 15ml Lemon pure essential oil. Lemon’s cleansing properties are second to none (as you would notice on a stroll down your grocery store’s cleaning isle!). Not only does it have a multitude of uses for cleaning around your home, but as our oils only have the purest and most potent essential oil, it can be used in drinks, snacks or meals, which has the added therapeutic effects of cleansing your body internally also. If you are adding it to water, it’s recommended you use glass rather than plastic. Use Lemon essential oils to help remove sticky residue, freshen laundry, in mopping, cleaning benchtops or even add it to water when washing your fruits and vegetables.* It’s one of our most popular and versatile oils, and inexpensive too at just $13.50 wholesale for 15ml (about 250 drops)!
Limited to 1 per customer.
Note, this is only available for existing Wellness Advocates, who signed up during or before September 2016, with their monthly LRP order.

Enrolment bonuses

New wholesale members with orders reaching 100pv+ will receive a free 50pv to use towards future purchases (from November onwards).
Wellness Advocates who sign up new members with a minimum of 125pv will also receive 50pv FREE. So even if you’re new to doTERRA, you can still earn hundreds of points this month!
Read more details here.

Fiji 2017 Incentive Trip

Wellness Advocates have the opportunity to expand their business and be rewarded with free or discounted trip to Fiji! Points are accrued based on value and type of enrolments, and you have until 15th December 2016 to qualify.
More details can be found here. We’d love for you to join us, so give us a call so that we can help get you there!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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