Oils and Crystals for emotional support

Crystals and essential oils have been used all throughout history to support health and wellness in all areas – physical, emotional, mental. Physical symptoms or pain are signs of emotional hurts that need to be recognised and worked on, to continue our soul’s evolution. Being the impatient person I am (yes, I know, there are oils and crystals for that!), I prefer to move through things fast (why would anyone want to suffer longer than they have to?!). This is why I like to use Liquid Crystals and oils together – for faster, more potent and permanent results.
Below is a list of essential oils with the primary emotion they help to support, alongside their associated Liquid Crystal counterparts and their simple purpose. Whether you’re a newbie or well-versed in either modality, you will no doubt enjoy seeing the synchronicities outlined below.

Single Essential Oils

Oil Oil of … Liquid Crystal Simple Purpose
Arborvitae Divine Grace
Basil Renewal Pyrite Spark of Life
Bergamot Self-Acceptance Angelite Peace
Black Pepper Unmasking Smoky Quartz Earth Light
Cardamom Objectivity Carnelian Creativity
Cassia Self-Assurance
Cedarwood Community Red Jasper Nurturing
Cilantro Releasing Control
Cinnamon Bark Sexual Harmony Sunstone Ra, Light Radiant
Clary Sage Clarity & Vision Jade Dreaming
Clove Boundaries Black Onyx
Imperial Topaz
Gounded Self-Awareness
Confident Manifestation
Coriander Integrity Petrified Wood Past Life Embrace
Cypress Motion & Flow Ruby Spiritual Warrior
Douglas Fir Generational Wisdom
Eucalyptus Wellness Aquamarine Simplification
Fennel (Sweet) Responsibility Chrysoprase Fearless Movement
Frankincense Truth Gold The Solar Angel
Geranium Love & Trust Peach Calcite Harmonisation
Ginger Empowerment Hemimorphite The Egoless State
Grapefruit Honouring the body Green Calcite Letting Go
Helichrysum Pain
Jasmine Sexual Purity & Balance Clear Quartz Light Embodied
Juniper Berry Night Zircon Life Changes
Lavender Communication Amethyst Humility
Lemon Focus Malachite Clearing
Lemongrass Cleansing Iolite Vision
Lime Zest for Life Kyanite Alignment
Marjoram Connection Rhodonite Patience
Melissa Light Citrine Abundance
Myrrh Mother Earth Silver The Lunar Path
Oregano Humility & Non-attachment
Patchouli Physicality Lodestone Earth Embrace
Peppermint Bouyant Heart Clear Calcite Universal Mind
Roman Chamomile Spiritual Purpose Sapphire
(closest with Blue Chamomile)
Spiritual Truth
Rose Divine Love Emerald Spiritual Healing

Rosemary Knowledge & Transition Fluorite Mental Mastery
Sandalwood Sacred Devotion Lapis Lazuli Realisation
Spearmint Confident Speech Chrysocolla Silence
Tangerine Cheer & Creativity Aventurine Unlimited Self
Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Energetic Boundaries Selenite Spiritual Guidance
Thyme Releasing & Forgiving Hematite Spiritual Grounding
Vetiver Centering and Descent Boji Stone Balance, Align & Clear
White Fir Generational Healing
Wild Orange Abundance Amber Laughter
Wintergreen Surrender Opal Emotional Magnification
Ylang Ylang Inner Child Rhodochrosite Self-Love

Essential Oil Blends

Oil Blend Oil of … Liquid Crystals Simple Purposes
AromaTouch (Massage Blend) Relaxation Pyrite, Green Calcite, Ruby, Rhodonite Spark of Life, Letting Go, Spiritual Warrior, Patience
Balance (Grounding Blend) Grounding Gold The Solar Angel
Cheer (Uplifting Blend) Cheer Amber, Black Onyx, Imperial Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, Botswana Agate, Azurite, Morganite Laughter, Grounded Self-awareness, Confident Manifestation, Personal Power in Action, Breathe, Focus, Equality in Love
Citrus Bliss (Invigorating Blend) Creativity Amber, Malachite, Green Calcite, Peridot, Angelite, Aventurine Laughter, Clearing, Letting Go, Bringer of Joy, Peace, Unlimited Self
Clary Calm (Monthly Blend for Women) Vulnerability Jade, Amethyst, Angelite, Sapphire, Red Jasper, Rhodochrosite, Peach Calcite, Chrysoprase Dreaming, Humility, Peace, Spiritual Truth, Nurturing, Self-Love, Harmonisation, Fearless Movement
Console (Comforting Blend) Consolation Gold, Lodestone, Rhodochrosite, Lapis Lazuli The Solar Angel, Earth Embrace, Self-Love, Realisation
DigestZen (Digestive Blend) Digestion Hemimorphite, Clear Calcite, Chrysoprase, Black Tourmaline The Egoless State, Universal Mind, Fearless Movement, Protection
Easy Air (Respiratory Blend) Breath Green Tourmaline, Clear Calcite, Aquamarine, Selenite Enlightenment, Universal Mind, Simplification, Spiritual Guidance
Elevation (Joyful Blend) Joy Aventurine, Garnet, Botswana Agate, Citrine, Rhodochrosite Unlimited Self, Manifestation of Purpose, Abundance, Self-Love
Forgive (Renewing Blend) Forgiving Angelite, Zircon, Silver Peace, Life Changes, The Lunar Path
Ice Blue (Soothing Blend) Surrendering Pain Opal, Clear Calcite, Sapphire Emotional Magnification, Universal Mind, Spiritual Truth
InTune (Focus Blend) Presence Lodestone, Gold, Kyanite, Rhodochrosite Earth Embrace, The Solar Angel, Alignment, Self-Love
Lavender Peace (Calming Blend) Forgiveness Amethyst, Rhodonite, Sapphire, Rhodochrosite Humility, Patience, Spiritual Truth, Self-Love
Motivate (Encouraging Blend) Motivation Clear Calcite, Petrified Wood, Pyrite, Citrine Universal Mind, Pst Life Embrace, Spark of Life, Abundance
OnGuard (Protective Blend) Protection Amber, Black Onyx, Imperial Topaz, Sunstone Laughter, Grounded Self-awareness, Confident Manifestation, Ra Light Radiant
Passion (Inspiring Blend) Finding your passion Carnelian, Sunstone, Hemimorphite, Black Onyx, Imperial Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz Creativity, Ra Light Radiant, The Egoless State, Grounded Self-awareness, Confident Manifestation, Realisation, Light Embodied
PastTense (Tension Blend) Relief Opal, Amethyst, Clear Calcite, Gold, Sapphire, Rhodonite Emotional Magnification, Universal Mind, The Solar Angel, Spiritual Truth, Patience
Peace (Reassuring Blend) Peace Boji Stone, Amethyst, Rhodochrosite, Gold, Jade, Rhodonite Balance Align & Clear, Humility, Self-Love, The Solar Angel, Dreaming, Patience
Purify (Cleansing Blend) Purification Malachite, Kyanite, Labradorite, Sulphur Clearing, Alignment, Freewill, Physical Radiance
Salubelle (Beauty/Anti-ageing Blend) Spiritual Insight Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Silver The Solar Angel, Realisation, Humility, The Lunar Path
Smart and Sassy (Metabolic Blend) Inner Beauty Green Calcite, Malachite, Clear Calcite Letting Go, Clearing, Universal Mind

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Aus Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any dis-ease.
I have taken references from the following books and websites:
The Liquid Crystal Oracle, by Justin Moikeha Asar, Blue Angel Publishing. Visit them here.
Emotions & Essential Oils, Elighten Alternative Healing LLC.

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