Clear Channel Combination


Facillitates all aspects of higher communication and channelling.



Facillitates all aspects of higher communication and channelling.

Crystals Included:
1) Sapphire – Increases psychic ability. Increases the connection to the higher self and one’s guidance. Activates all the higher paths of communication. Allows truth to be the foundation all that is undertaken.
2) Kyanite – Balances and aligns the chakra system. Allows the soul to reside in the mind permanently. Aids channelling and entering altered states. Places calmness and compassion in communication.
3) Peach Calcite – Unites the heart and mind. Allows the balancing of one’s personal power in service, via the unconditional heart, removing Ego in activities. Aids angelic communication.
4) Hematite – Creates a shield that reflects. Powerful, grounding, anchors the light bodies to the physical via the earth star, bringing the spirit into the body. Encourages action not reaction.
5) Silver – Flowing, gentle and harmonizing energy, infusing wise word choice and true feminine expression in service. Increases intuition and balances mental and emotional energies.
6) Selenite – Facilitates the giving and receiving of unconditional love. Increases light force. Activates all higher chakras and increases telepathic links. Powerfully aligns to guidance and the higher self.
7) Celestite – The stone of oneness, knowing and service. Helps hold one away from lower thoughts and emotions, holding focus and actions steady in the Light. Aids channelling, angelic communication and sitting in an egoless state.

All remedies are made specifically for you, with love, and come with full instructions. If you are comfortable sharing what symptoms you are trying to address, please let me know, and I will personalise this combination remedy further for you.
All remedy information has been obtained from The Liquid Crystals modality website.