Shaman Combination


Aligns one with earth and its creatures. Animal communication.



Aligns one with earth and its creatures. Animal communication.

Crystals Included:
1) Sunstone – Male solar energies, doorway to ancient wisdoms, decreases and indicates Fear.
2) Moonstone – Female lunar Energies, pathway of the goddess, embracing life cycles, emotional control, gatekeeper of the subconscious.
3) Apatite – Devic communication, Kundalini energy facilitator, true physical body control.
4) Apophyllite – Astral travel, crown chakra opener, memory of experiences, journey work.
5) Selenite – Earth alignment and access to its memory, soul communication, alignment to guidance in spirit (animal and humanoid).
6) Turquoise – Planetary communication and healing, service, communication and connection to the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.
7) Lodestone – Earth pulse, deep grounding, male/female balance, middle road.

All remedies are made specifically for you, with love, and come with full instructions. If you are comfortable sharing what symptoms you are trying to address, please let me know, and I will personalise this combination remedy further for you.
All remedy information has been obtained from The Liquid Crystals modality website.