Starchild Combination


Anchoring and healing of the new children of light.



Anchoring and healing of the new children of light.

Crystals Included:
1) Moldavite – Assists Starchildren to adjust to the earth plane. Allows expanded consciousness into physical brain structure. Via communication, releases the home sickness of starry ones. Allows acceptance of the earth plane to create a new reality.
2) Sugilite – Embrace of divine purpose, lets us know why we came to earth. Creates a space of adjustment to learn how to embrace the physical. Carries and protects the inner child into adulthood. Relieves depression and confusion.
3) Charorite – Transforms, overcomes fear and allows acceptance of spiritual change. Allows manifestation via the spirit through the heart. Balances heart and crown.
4) Hematite – Powerful grounding, anchors the light bodies to the physical via the earth star, bringing the spirit into the body. Decreases emotional intensity, balancing moods. Encourages action not reaction.
5) Lepidolite – Blends, balances heart and mind. Delivers higher awareness. Has a strong balancing effect on brain function via its lithium content. Anti-depressive.
6) Kyanite – Clears, balances and aligns. Aids clear and calm communication. Its energy adjusts newborns to the lower brain wave frequencies of the physical.
7) Labradorite – Moldavites anchor stone on earth. Carries the seeds of the concepts and advanced energies needed by starchildren to complete their mission. Allows the realisation of the joy of freewill in manifestation. Regulates metabolism and brain function. Aids extraterrestial communication.

All remedies are made specifically for you, with love, and come with full instructions. If you are comfortable sharing what symptoms you are trying to address, please let me know, and I will personalise this combination remedy further for you.
All remedy information has been obtained from The Liquid Crystals modality website.