Sunstone Liquid Crystal


Simple Purpose: Ra, Light Radiant
Sunstone lends the vitality and regenerating energies of the sun wherever it goes. It is a stone of optimism and radiant light. Clears, balances and heals the energy system and chakras. Sunstone has an affinity for the solar plexus chakra, where it lightens the load, removing fears and adding vitality. It stimulates all self healing abilities is a powerful antidepressant and removes the feelings and fears of failure many hold within. In the presence of Sunstone, life progresses in an open and limitless way. Sunstone is a powerful stone to use in conjunction with sun meditations or spiritual work related to the Incas, Mayan and Aztec cultures. It is a sacred stone to the Egyptian God of the Sun, Ra.
Cyclic order: 38
Animal: Scorpion
Essential Oil: Cinnamon


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