Tanzanite Liquid Crystal


Simple Purpose: Angelic Messenger
This is a potent stone of the higher senses. It activates and opens the third eye, throat and crown chakras, anchoring clairaudience, clairvoyance and all forms of spirit communication. Tanzanite is the most powerful link stone to the angelic realm in the mineral kingdom on earth at this time. Tanzanite can break down the human ideas of time and space, allowing a more vast understanding that is universal. The Akashic records of an individual may be accessed through this stone through meditation, to which it is a powerful aid. Tanzanite can transmute negative energies to love and understanding. This stone is aligned with Ascended Master Saint Germaine, who utilizes aspects of this stone’s transmuting ability, blended with Amethyst, to hold the Purple Flame of Transmutation in our dimension.
Cyclic order: 2
Animal: Praying Mantis
Essential Oil: Galbanum


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