Create Wellness are dedicated to improving wellness in our own lives, and those of yours and your family and friends.

Essential Oils

We are doTERRA Wellness Advocates, incorporating the use of essential oils into our daily lives. We use them for anything from ant bites to colds and flu, headaches to muscle pain. We are not averse to using modern medicine, but choose to use essential oils as our first option, where possible and where sensible. We encourage you to experience the oils for yourselves, become educated on the safe use of them, and begin incorporating them into your lives as both preventative measures and body system support tools.
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Liquid Crystals

Sandra is an Advanced Liquid Crystals practitioner, and Starchild Directives practitioner. I use Liquid Crystals for a variety of purposes, predominantly for emotional and spiritual growth. My 3 year journey (so far!) with the Liquid Crystals has been one of huge evolution, encompassing immense joy, learning, truth, pain and love (insert any emotion you can think of here!). I truly love experiencing life in all its magnificent glory, and these crystals are with me every step of the way. They are truly holistic, and will dive you deep into the root cause of any issue you are experiencing or perceiving, working with the cause to eliminate the symptoms.
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